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the wandering man

April 16, 2015
By andsoiwrite SILVER, LA, California
andsoiwrite SILVER, LA, California
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art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed

he stood out on a great expanse

miles ahead of him yet his world so small

it felt as if the haze was growing thicker


no matter where he went

the angst in his bones would follow

out of nowhere it would appear

creeping into his words sand echoes


people around him changed

no, they never stayed the same

yet they all looked at him with like expressions

murmuring the pestering thoughts aloud to themselves


if only he could escape

into the elusive white fog

crawl into bed with the monsters and rocks

until all that was left of him was a cloak and brain

and the persuasion of a home stayed far away


his mother always wanred him he would never settle down

but what he yearned for was the passion and adventure

where could he find that in a land of dust?

in a place that had people with screws instead of hearts?


the confidence in his stance was only a disguise

to cover up a boy in the body of a man

one who would reather dream than live

since his nightmares were better than his reality


in the end he realized he was alone

not even the mist of the past could keep good company

his anchor being a sturdy black cane

he set out again to find another story

only, it couldn't be his own

because if he opened his eyes

the burn would sting too much

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