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Goose Chase

April 17, 2015
By cassy21 SILVER, Visalia, California
cassy21 SILVER, Visalia, California
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I have been broken

I have been hurt

I have felt worthless

And dirtier than dirt


So my heart sought salvation

All I found was a wild goose chase

I confided in goose after goose

But they all flew away


But our Father’s no goose!

He opened the door

And told me this life I was living

Didn’t have to be lived anymore


Our God, our Father

He has lived these lives

He has been betrayed and broken

He has felt hurt and strife


Don’t wallow in your suffering

Dear, pain only grows

We can be healed with his forgiveness

I would know


So give him your struggles

And we shall be set free

Then you and I can feel his undying love

For the rest of eternity

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