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Worthless, Priceless

April 29, 2015
By andsoiwrite SILVER, LA, California
andsoiwrite SILVER, LA, California
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art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed

their words mean something
mine just lazily fit into sentences that don't matter
there are times where i believe i don't matter
i probably don't

these fragmented thoughts i string into verses
that the illiterate people eat up with starving eyes
mean nothing
they have no purpose or cause
what are they defending?

each new batch is regarded as better than the previous
yet the crowds don't realize they are made of the same batter
they are the alphabet just replayed on a loop
hitting the same base notes over and over
ba-bam ba-bam ba-bam 

as i stand on my tippy-toes
my attempts to reach the volume of other's voices are shattered
a meter is running beside me
counting down the seconds until my feet give out
and everything comes crashing down

this life i have built upon a fake congratulations
the sympathy smiles that say "you tried!"
and the harsh reality that i didn't make it
because i am too short
even wearing the stilettos that they fashion
the ones that break my ankles
i couldn't fake it

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