May 5, 2015
By Shards_of_my_soul GOLD, BHUBANESWAR, Other
Shards_of_my_soul GOLD, BHUBANESWAR, Other
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Favorite Quote:
if you can't handle me at my worst,
then you certainly don't deserve at my best!

it is the events that shape our lives,
but it is the choices we make that define us...

life is not about finding yourself,
life is about creating yourself

I step out onto the new world;
It’s bigger than I can grasp,
The scenes are moulding anew
I am no longer held by a clasp.

People here are of many sizes
And all are incredibly unique
No wonder the elders say
Not to lose our identity for what we seek.

I see things differently now
I feel alive, yet weak
For I am now an infant…
Can hardly foresee my peak.

There are now new facts of life,
And still newer surroundings;
Out there lies a vast stretch
Full of fascinating findings.

I’ll be busy now, much busy
I’ll be pushed to extreme limits
I’ll face incomprehensible forces -
Will be left groping for minutes.

Yet I feel free – oh how free I feel!
Can I not feel this newfound power!
It’s as if nature has infused
The strength to climb the highest tower!

I feel it, it’s a new life –
I wish to explain the inexplicable
I want to attempt the unattempted
I pray for stunning wonders
I am now sorely tempted.

But there lurks a wee doubt –
Is it in me to do it?
I feel vulnerable, I am uncertain
Now I realize – this is it.

I need to prove myself.
I need to believe in myself.
I must push aside every taunt
And move forth far yonder.

I walk alone; I am my sole pal.
I have to rise above the small minds
I need to let go of my inhibitions –
I can’t be kept by these petty binds.
It’s my life – I fix my boundaries.
It’s my choice – I live in my way.
It’s my belief – I trust only ideas.
It’s my soul – I LIVE every day.

It’s a new world – and a new life.
I think of all that I shall face…
Suddenly I am not afraid,
I will show YOU the pace.

Go on, bring it on -
You may charge thither me,
But I only aim for the peak.

It’s a new life.
Oh yes, it’s a new me.



The author's comments:

This is basicaaly my feelings about 'graduating' from secondary to senoir secondary school....I wish to renovate myself....

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