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The Rise Of Evil

May 4, 2015
By simmone BRONZE, Karachi, Other
simmone BRONZE, Karachi, Other
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Is it that evil is in everyone?
That every light from every side just fades away?
Is it that god has made us to be incapable of living without evil?
Or that we ourselves give birth to the evil in our souls?

is it not possible to live without giving evil birth?
Or shall we just flourish to regret the evil in us.
Shall man just live in this falsehood of evil we create by god's word.
But isn't it just all a tale then?

Every time why is it that we choose to weather the storm,
Especially when free will hath given by god.
Once evil rises upon the depths of the shadows,
It doth not be so innocent to just vanish in the Bermuda Triangle.

Shall man just beat around the bush?
But man is too vulnerable to act like all is okay.
Sometimes its worth facing the fact
that evil lives inside you but dies after your own death.

Yes, Evil is in everyone.
Every light from every side just fades away.
God has made us incapable of living without evil.
We are the ones to give birth to evil in our souls.

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