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May 20, 2015
By quellanella SILVER, Tokyo, Other
quellanella SILVER, Tokyo, Other
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I always thought that if I could keep taking small steps forward

One in front of the other

That someday I'd end up where I was supposed to be

No matter which direction I set foot

After all, the world was on my side 

Wasn't it?

And the world would look out for me

As if it had a responsibility

To keep me in order

Along with the rest of the universe

Within the order of the


Or so I thought


But in fact

The world whirled me around with it

Into orbit around the galaxy

Not sparing me from the chaos that

It was already spinning towards

Faster and faster

Without a single breath of hesitation


And I felt like the petals of a rose

Once beautiful but falling helplessly


Of control

While still being swooped up in the wind

And then landing on the overlooked thorns below


I should have seen it coming

I should have seen you

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