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May 14, 2015
By cassy21 SILVER, Visalia, California
cassy21 SILVER, Visalia, California
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Don't watch the tree's branches fall
Don't listen when the devil calls
Don't try to break my walls
And please don't let me loose my all

Don't forget that I'm here
Don't think my world isn't built around fear
Don't let our oppressors cheer
And please don't let me jump off the pier

Don't breathe in the poisoned air
Don't forget the world is full of bears
Don't aid my tendency to dare
And please don't let my eyes tear

Don't watch as my world ends
Don't overwrite my epilogue dear friend
Don't bother to help these wounds mend
And please don't wonder if it was all pretend

Don't listen to my "okay" lie
Don't think I'm resting soundly in the sky
Don't you see I didn't let my demons win, I tried
And please don't grieve when I die

Don't presume I didn't love you
Don't convince yourself that I'm not telling the truth
Don't look into my closed eyes, once blue
And please don't say, "I never knew…"

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