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Found Myself

May 26, 2015
By GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin GOLD, West Bend, Wisconsin
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Found myself

running laps on the track

with my spikes tearing rubber

and my shoulders in the sun.

Found myself

filling my heaving lungs

with oxygen and trying to

quench the Sahara of my tongue.

Found myself

with tired thighs and cramping calves

but still my heart kept telling me to run

because I find myself

in these moments of pain and mental war

to be alive in every step and every breath and

when I'm runnnig laps on the track

I'm flying.

The author's comments:

I run cross country and track and, if you couldn't tell from this piece, I absolutely love to run. I wrote this in my head during a cool down after a tough, but exhilirating, track workout.

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