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Why me?

June 4, 2015
By CountryRose GOLD, Goshen, Indiana
CountryRose GOLD, Goshen, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
I wanna be a girl that when I get out of bed
in the morning Satan says "Oh crap she's up!"

I'm just going to let it go

I really don't want to 

He lead me on!


It makes me want to hate him

But I want him to call me

I'm so mixed up

He used to write all the time 

then, he stopped

He said I was beautiful

must not have meant it

I really thought he cared

Why me?

he could have left me alone

But, he tried to hold my hand

Like really!

If he ever loved me why did he stop?

I wonder,

Did I do something?

I tried to ask him

I just want to know

If he doesn't like me anymore

who cares

I just want the truth!!

He wouldn't tell me 

I just don't wnat to be dragged around

I am not your old rag

Is it that hard

I want  to cry

But I want to shoot him

And I still wish he loved me


The author's comments:

This happened to me and 

I am just writting out my frustration.

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