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Lord Jesus

September 1, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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My momma says "Lord Jesus"

Her knees are weak, she sinks to the floor, Jesus

I'm hushed up, watch, got nothing to say

I used to believe in Jesus, too

I still do, but Momma, He aint gonna come save the day

The Lord Jesus too busy to listen to you pray

Momma stays on the broken tiles, her broken

Eyes shed glassy tears that just won't wash away

Lord Jesus

She thinks He'll come save us, I don't know, Jesus

I don't know Jesus, I aint got no trust, neither

I done told her a thousand times

Jesus don't hear, repeat words like wind chimes

But she listens to those churchified lies,

Continues to fill the air with her justified cries

To the Lord Jesus

Like the Lord Jesus really looks down and sees us

She don't hear me beg her to Momma

Please stop, Momma, stop prayin

Cuz Lord Jesus don't hear a single word you're sayin

She believes a miracle will happen

I don't believe in lies, it hurts to see the tears she's trackin

Down her beautiful face, like if I pray

Hard enough He will hear and answer us

Cuz the tough are getting tougher and her

Knees are getting rougher, Lord Jesus

Momma, Jesus died over 2,000 years past

He's dead, and my faith rests pale and fractured in a cast

"As I lay me down to sleep

Please, God, if I don't make a peep

Please let Daddy learn to pray

So Momma's tears will go away"

Cuz Daddy needs the Lord Jesus

He's the one who hurts my momma, Jesus

But Jesus never hears us

His child? More like an abandoned fetus

Momma thinks there's hope

Hope is a little girl at the end of her rope, Jesus

Prayer is supposed to change things

The only things that change when

Momma prays

Are the sobs in her throat when she sings

And the lines by her eyes and the despair

In her sighs and the creaks from her knees

When she tries to rise

Everything else just stays the same

Right down to the kids next door and their Saturday games

And the Lord Jesus

He never changes, either

Cuz I haven't seen Him lately (that's nothing new), but we still

Go on Sunday to worship the Lord Jesus

Praise Him

And then Daddy sings, his hands raising

But no-one says he's lying

They just smile and say he's trying

Then he goes home and his

Tie goes flying along with his Bible and the

Righteous holiness that everyone is buying

And then his voice is louder than the preacher

Yellin like a Red Sox fan in the bleachers

And Momma is back in the basement crying

Does she think He'll come in a red cape, flying

The Lord Jesus

If I believed in the Lord Jesus

I mean, I do, but

If I believed that all these lies could be true

I'd pray and say "Jesus, send a miracle please"

Anything for my momma to get off her knees

My momma says "Lord Jesus"

She believes He really sees us, Jesus

Doesn't hear or really care about us

If the Lord Jesus sees us, He sees

My momma crying down on her knees

He watches her spill her tears

He watches her waste her prayers

Momma, why do you even believe in

The Lord Jesus, that He sees us

Get up from the floor, Momma, please just


Prayin, he doesn't hear a single word that you're sayin

Breathe, Momma, breathe

Momma, please


Now where's the Lord Jesus

Did He really think you were just

Calling His name cuz you like the way it sounds

Exercising your tear ducts to lose a few pounds

My momma says "Lord Jesus"

How come He never hears her

Huh, Jesus?

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