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The question

September 4, 2015
By thekateffect BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
thekateffect BRONZE, Union City, Ohio
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"Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream"

Have you lived?  Have you found the light in the deepest depths of yourself and basked in it?  Have you found a place you can call home without a slight hesitation?  Have you ever felt so free you thought you might fly away?  Have you found a common bond with people you've been thrown together with and learned to love them?  Have you flown with the eagles of personality and grown into a better person because that's what they pushed you to be?  Have you loved and not known why?  Have you felt so lonely even though you were surrounded by people? So lonely that everything else seemed to be in black and white after being away from that one person who lit a rainbow in your heart? Have you felt so tired that you struggle to breath?  Have you thrown yourself into something so entirely you knew you weren't coming back the same person?  Have you let people tear and rip away at your soul to the point where you have no choice but to know yourself better than you wanted to?  Have you ever put your heart on the line only to be told to put it back?  Have you fallen love with a circumstance?  Have you looked inside yourself and been so honest that you became a stranger? 
So I ask you again.
Have you lived?

The author's comments:

Have you lived?

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