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When It Rains

October 17, 2015
By inspiredpassion08 GOLD, Vienna, Virginia
inspiredpassion08 GOLD, Vienna, Virginia
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"You change your life by changing your heart." -Max Luxado

People say that things’ll get better with time,

What they don’t know is that saying that is a crime-

When it doesn’t.

I met you at a time and place

When all I could see was a sincere and buoyant face.

Little did I know that what was behind those serene eyes

Was proof that what I saw was simply a surmise.

You made me a wallet once; I still have it till this day

I feel unfinished; because there’s still so much to say

About the time, the effort, the grits that was needed to make all of the tape stay

Cause there just wasn’t any other way

Sometimes I gaze at the sky as the rain drip to the bottom

Of my chin, threatening to efface

…But then I realize that water doesn’t just simply go away.

It evaporates into a place where there is nothing

But grace.

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