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Broken Beating Heart

November 5, 2015
By Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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a strength so big, faith so strong & a mind fully set on for the best that's yet to come

Couldn't handle what it was to fall in love

When he made me feel like I rose above

Then walked away

But told he loved me everyday

A broken heart still beating

Over time slowly healing

Days were I'm perfectly fine

Next thing you know I want you to be mine

Memories roll back

My mind turns black

Hurts to say I want you

Burns to think what we've been through

I know I don't deserve pain

But it ends up in my lane

With the brokens pieces left

I'll throw it out

Before I start to doubt

On what I really deserve

Cause it takes a lot of nerve

To say my feeling to anyone

But I realize with you we're just done

I'll try my hardest to bury the shattered memories

Do the best so we're not enemies

I can't promise the feelings will go away

Their's a reminder of what you did

In my head everyday

That your actions were just like a kid

But God forbid

The temptation of hate

I wouldn't stand the weight

No one would see my fate

All I know is

My heart's still beating

Over time slowly healing

The author's comments:

Hope some of you can relate to the feeling.

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