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This Girl

November 9, 2015
By TitaniEm GOLD, Piedmont, South Dakota
TitaniEm GOLD, Piedmont, South Dakota
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So there’s this girl
She cries herself to sleep every night
She wishes she won’t wake up in the morning
She is in so much pain that she is numb now
Aside from the burning on her wrists and her hips

So there’s this girl
She forces herself out of bed every morning
She paints her face to hide the hate she has for herself
She pulls on a sweater so no one will see her arms

So there’s this girl
She is haunted by flashbacks of a boy who once abused her
She can no longer listen to certain shows or movies
She can barely face any boy now
She has been destroyed by a boy that was once her only salvation

So there’s this girl
She doesn’t tell her parents she is depressed
She is told she is cruel and rude when she finally snaps
She is put down because she is afraid of being built up
She just wants them to understand

So there’s this girl
She is hopelessly infatuated with a boy who made her feel worth living
She isn’t good enough and she never will be
She no longer believes in love and the nonsense of it
She can never let a boy hurt her again

So there’s this girl
She sits in her room headphones all the way in, volume all the way up
She digs her fingernails into her arms as she shakes and her mind echos with darkness
She fights the longings in her soul to just let go
She made a promise to be strong
She doesn’t know how much longer until
She totally breaks

So there’s this girl
She’s one hell of an actress
She’s drowning without anyone knowing at all

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