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November 17, 2015
By Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Ycgc7 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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a strength so big, faith so strong & a mind fully set on for the best that's yet to come

I grew up believing in stories

Grew up believing in lies

Eyes opened at such a young age

Locked up in a cage

Easily hurt

Easily break

Took everything they found 

Everything they could take

Mind blocked into endless sounds

Raging over me saying

"Your not worth it"

But I didn't loose hope on the stories I once heard

Because that's everything I have left

Broken memories

Life full of enemies

I still believe in Neverland

I still believe in people extending hands

To the one's broken

To one's who stop believing

To what one day to me

Seemed to be a lie

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