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A Poem by Noam

December 28, 2015
By Yoela PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Yoela PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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"My powers stretch over the horizon and work even when my eyes are closed"

I was drowsy
the day my brother
cut my satisfaction
in half

I, the pleasant brother

the better brother
He, a villainous
whiskery worm

A pair of scissors

cut off
his whiskers
in memory
of my sideburns

Where is my mind?
Killed in combat

Where is my memory?
Flying, flying there

Where is the arrow?
Lodged in my face

I will meet my brother
in the middle
That day
will live in memory amongst
the anger

Where is my mind?
There it is.
Where two sides meet.

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Beila BRONZE said...
on Dec. 31 2015 at 8:24 pm
Beila BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
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"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." -Mark Twain

Thank you for immortalizing this work of art for me. It's so cool, on every level. :)