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January 27, 2016
By ZoieRose GOLD, Olympia, Washington
ZoieRose GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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People don't always put up walls to keep other people out, sometimes they put up walls to see who's strong enough to break them down

I sit in the sunlight,

Its rays warming me,

Soaking through my pores, 

Through my blood and sinews of muscle and into my bones, 

It courses through me,

Straight to the chill of my shattered heart.

The warmth builds within me,

Craddling the crumbling remains of what once was,

Whispering comforting words as it seeps through the cracks,

Healing the wounds in its wake,

The warmth slowly fades,

Its job has been done,

My heart remains,

Its cracks healed

Once again waiting to be shattered,

So it can feel warmths sweet embrace once more.

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