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February 25, 2009
By Fred Adolphsen BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Fred Adolphsen BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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I’m from lemons in a wheelbarrow,
From wind-lashed cheeks.
I am from cactus coolers (yellow and orange that soothe the throat),
I am from the dumpster.
The albino rabbit that lurks,
A crunching sound of gravel and bone.

I am from papayas we picked that morning,
From Cosmo Kramer.
I’m from flying down the road,
From yes.
I’m from sticks and rocks,
From no.

I’m from the bayliner,
From Rupert.
From Good Samaritan, where I learned true
Sorrow and despair.
At the top there is light,
A need to earn trust, a need to impress.

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westie#42 said...
on Mar. 23 2009 at 5:35 pm
My English teacher last year, Mr Lynn, gave us an assignment just like this! I love your poem, but, as other people have said, the ending does not exactly fit in just right.

getit69 said...
on Mar. 13 2009 at 5:43 pm
I liked it all the way up till the very end, the ending went away from the story a little bit

xCblue44x said...
on Mar. 5 2009 at 3:59 am
It's good, but isn't there something almost exactly like this already written on here? I do like it though.

on Mar. 3 2009 at 8:04 pm
kissingdawn331 SILVER, Palatine, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"when your hourglass runs out of sand you can't flip it over and start again."(changes weekly so check next weeks l8er)

to tell the truth it was great but i didn't like the ending

on Mar. 3 2009 at 12:43 am
KennisLora GOLD, Palm Harbor, Florida
10 articles 2 photos 9 comments

Favorite Quote:
A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was good, although I didn't really like how you ended it.

on Mar. 1 2009 at 6:50 pm
Cosmo Kramer lol

on Feb. 27 2009 at 11:49 pm
skywriter11 GOLD, Glenmont, New York
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Wow. Really great job. We had to do an assignment for English class involving images from our childhood, and this is what mine would be like in poem form. I hope to read more from you.

Duckie430 said...
on Feb. 27 2009 at 1:58 pm
Duckie430, Riverside, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
“The secret to life is being who you are and being happy with who you are.”
"Whatever does not kill you only makes you stronger."

this is well-written, although not very original.

on Feb. 27 2009 at 2:08 am
&Kirsten; BRONZE, Amarillo, Texas
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I really like this poem.

It makes me think about when I was a kid, and all the things that surrounded my life as a child.

Thank you for writing this.