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The Judgement of Zylia

February 21, 2016
By StarGazer9 GOLD, Marana, Arizona
StarGazer9 GOLD, Marana, Arizona
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"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."

Is it so, the rumors gathered

possibly be revealed true?

Eyes of green danced among shadows

eyes whose darkness haunts, pursues?

Can it be the monster's captured?

Cursed be we, who she entertains

Can a mallet end the battle 

'gainst the spawn of evil's reign?


"Order in the court again!"


Two majesties within the room

On thrones of judgement, one the judge

The other subject to her scepter

Known foes held close with a grudge


Sheepish smiles tend to flee

When wolves devour half the flock

So it is with Zylia's grinning

"Innocent!" she cries, she mocks


"Woe is me! Unfortunate favor

surely's made me the sacrifice

Who are you, oh perfumed one,

to save this crowd from my advice?"


Pock! And silence greets her taunting

The face of earth, aged, knows her course

Saddened, but firm, the task's daunting

Destiny's come to the court


"Daughter of the finest evil,

crafted power in your heart,

light of youth has left your eyes

Now they show a forest, dark


Goddess of manipulation,

for your deeds a deed's exchanged

My Guilty verdict's been forced

You are sentenced to be hanged!"


Death's glare haunts the onlookers

Urgent whispers slightly heard

Fail to shake our Zylia's grin

A murderer to be murdered


"Wait" a voice quietly shatters

Dreaded fears of fates unknown

Girl in white, the youngest triplet

Steps out from the masses alone


Past Zylia's disturbed expression

Whose smile she'd finally dropped

Past the line of common impresion

Determined to interrupt


"Master of the court, you're no master to her

For if you give this punishment, disaster will occur

Her pleasure is in legacy, her legacy's a stage

She's the star of her own play and you are writing the next page!

Act 3, The Eldest Seals My Fame

Is that what you desire?

Eternitites will know her name

Stories never tire

You're giving her eternal life

Executions endure

Are you prepared to serve her and make her evil's martyr?"


The Judge stared at our girl in white

Ludivine hid her face

Omnipotence in minds combined

Had redone this closed case


And thinking with enlightenment

The Judge redid her phrase

New understanding focused on

The next generation's days


"Mortal of manipulation,

for your deed a deed is due

To walk stripped of identity

is how I re-sentence you."


The congregation shifts focus

The Judge sits in the limelight

Zylia, rendered motionless

Stands at mercy to her plight


Speechless is she, who's voice had racked

excruciating pain

But freed at last, the audience roared

Her fame the Judge attained


"Leda..." She utters threateningly

and yet her powers fled

The people were excused from court

In mind, Zylia was dead


No legacy lives on in hearts

ruled by curious fear

No legend spoken dreadfully

er' enters angered ears


Ludivine won victory's crown

But quiet beauty's best

This poem is the last of her

Zylia's tale's lost interest.

The author's comments:

An internal struggle might be well represented with a case in court. 

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