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Morgellons Syndrome

March 14, 2016
By Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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I can feel the vermin moving
They crawl under my skin
The beast are living inside me
Infecting my body

Your hands move across my skin
I’m addicted to your touch
I feel like you are a part of me
Infecting my body

The bugs scatter in my body
I know they put them there
My skin itches from their movement
Infecting my body

I can’t remember a day without you
The touch of your skin on mine is what I crave
Itching with anticipation
Infecting my body

They run under my skin
I see and feel them
I dig at my skin to release them
Infecting my body

You don’t believe me
I told you about the bugs under my skin
You called me crazy
Infecting my body

They’ve gotten worse
Moving day and night beneath my flesh
I try to cut them out of me
Infecting my body

You though I was insane
How could you not see the bugs under my skin
You left
Infecting my body

I went to a meeting
The doctor gave me some meds to help stop them
I don’t trust the doctor
Infecting my body

They found you dead
I think I know who killed you
But they will think I’m crazy just like you did
Infecting my body

The pest move under my flesh
I claw at their moving shells
I want them out of me
Infecting my body

Today I told them
I told them who hurt you
They promised they would catch the bad man
Infecting my body

I remembered what you told me
The bugs aren’t real
I know that now
Infecting my body

They caught the man who killed you
I cried
He can’t hurt anyone else
Infecting my body

I threw out all my ointments
I took off my gloves
They aren’t real
They never were
I’m healed but it’s too late for us

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