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Cry Me A River

March 30, 2016
By Aaliyah02 SILVER, Pflugervile, Texas
Aaliyah02 SILVER, Pflugervile, Texas
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You said you love me, I believed it
I have a few words for you “my love”
Cry me a river!

I hate how you lie
In fact I would rather die
But all you do is sigh
I can only ask why
But “my love”
Cry me a river!

Forget you
And supposedly colorful hue
Oh with your “love”
I felt free like a dove
But “my love”
Cry me a river!

You said I had you at hello
You let out a bellow
So I said eew but swello
Sorry to be a mean fellow
But “my love”
Cry me a river!


You are just a creep
I could say another word but…bleep
My tears they do seep
I could choose to weep
But “my love”
Cry me a river!

I use to think you were a hunk
But now the thought of you stinks like a skunk
I can’t believe you wanted to bunk
You sorry piece of junkBut “my love”

Cry me a river!


You told me you would never hurt me,
But now I see,
You want to be just as your dad I see,
Please just forget about me
But “my love” first
Cry me a River!


So next time be aware
I will be nothing for you to bear
You stole my heart
It turned out I was everything but smart
So “my love”
Cry me a river!

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