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The Stars

April 7, 2016
By AliceAngel DIAMOND, Shreveport, Louisiana
AliceAngel DIAMOND, Shreveport, Louisiana
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I would like to lie amongst the stars,

Just this once.

I can feel myself drifting away,

My mind leaving my body,

My eyes growing dull with death.


The stars are so beautiful tonight,

Sparkling and glittering as they always have,

But they seem brighter,

And more clear,

Just for tonight.

Just for me.

I would like to think that it's time to join them,

And to float and glow softly as they do

High above the heads of the oblivious

Who do not realize I am up here amongst the stars.


To think that I could stay here forever,

But I cannot.

It cannot be as I am not bright as they are,

Nor do I sparkle and shine.

I am but a lonely soul who dreams of nothing.


But lying amongst the stars,

What a dream to experience,

Watching them glittering as I float by.

Why do we not live in the midst of these yellow orbs?

Surely, we do, but we shut them out

With all of our light pollution down below.

Such a shame.


I want to stay here with these beauties.

I want to learn to glow as they do,

But I can already feel myself drifting back to Earth,

The fingers of other lonely souls grasping for me,

Persuading my floating ghost downwards into the ground,

Right down to the depths of Hell itself.

I do not belong amongst the stars,

But I find that I belong in the midst of these lonely, tortured souls

Who reflect my own humanly wants and needs back to me.

I do not belong amongst the stars.

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