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Love in a Week

April 8, 2016
By Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
Leigh116 PLATINUM, Easley, South Carolina
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I was curious about this guy I’d seen in the hall
I could see him from where I sat
He was surrounded by friends
I could never get the courage to talk to him
My eyes barely blinked as he stood
I didn’t want to stare
I promise I’m not a creep
My attention is back on my table of friends
Chatting about who knows what
Suddenly he is standing behind my friend
I can feel his eyes on me
Can he tell I’m blushing
He clears his throat
The words flow from his lips and he hands me a napkin
Neat numbers are scribbled on the paper
He gave me his number

We talked on the phone almost all night
My friends tease me about him
They mean well though
School has ended and we are hanging out in the hall
My eyes catch a glimpse of him
He waves
I blush
He and his friends approach me and my friends
I’m nervous
What could he possibly want to say
My name leaves his mouth
His voice sends shivers down my spine
What is he doing to me
The next words to leave his mouth make my heart stop
He wants me to be his girlfriend
We’ve only known each other for a day
What do I do
His friends and mine are looking at us both
I can tell they are all shocked
So am I
His eyes never leave my own
I speak before really thinking
I’m his girlfriend now

We seem to be rushing into this relationship
He seems to be rushing more than I am
He asked me to go on a date with him tonight
I’m nervous
I’ve never been on a proper date before
He told me to dress nice
I can’t find anything to wear
I’m freaking out
We are going on a date tonight
Our very first date

We haven’t talked since last night
He won’t even look at me
Did I do something wrong

My phone glows with a text message from him
He sent me the sweetest morning text
He even called me beautiful
I guess yesterday was just a bad day for him
We sat together at lunch
He held my hand under the table the whole time
He walked me to my car after school
He kissed my cheek before I got in my car
My phone dings with another text
It’s a goodnight text from him
Maybe this will work out

I hadn’t talked to him today until I got a text
My heart dropped at the words
We’re over
He broke up with me

I cried a lot last night
I don’t know what I did wrong
We were only together for a week
Barely a week
I’m gonna be okay
I mean we were only together for such a short time
I’m acting crazy
I don’t need him
I don’t need a man
I’m over him
I wonder how school will be tomorrow

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