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April 27, 2016
By MkArgetlam SILVER, I Dont Kno, Other
MkArgetlam SILVER, I Dont Kno, Other
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Listen to your Heart..coz its the key for the treasure..
Treasure of Life..

Blank eyes, glowing skin
Sad smile and a sly grin
Desolated carnival, rusty blade
Another memory darkens the shade

Burnt picture, worn out song
Plastic world where you never belong
Scarred soul, tainted heart
Game of life with a never-ending start

Empty hallways, crowded mind
Miserable truth you will never find
Broken hourglass, dusty bliss
Forgotten stars you will never miss

Chained hope, mutilated fate
A stranger at heavens gate
Lifeless shadows, beautiful people
Uncherised forever in this endless circle

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