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Silly Alphabetic Poem

May 9, 2016
By YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
YoSprite PLATINUM, Toledo, Ohio
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A weekend morning I woke up,
Behind my bed, something is making a fussing sounds.
Can it be a rat of a lost fairy, trapped under by dusted boxes?
Deciding to check it out, I climbed under my bed.
Eventually I got frustrated by a labyrinthine mist of boxes.
"Forget it!" I finally gave up and started going back.
Getting back wasn't as easy as I thought
Half an hour later,
I realized I was lost, too.
Just under my very own bed.
"Keep calm and don't scream," an odd voice resonated in an odd manner,
"Let your inner spirit guide the way."
Many years from this moment I would probably freak out,
Not for merely getting lost under my bed,
Or the weird fact that a wise-sounding voice resonated here.
Possibly instead, for the possibility of discovering my own mania.
Quixotic imaginations gave way to pragmatic will to survive.
Resting at ease finally, I ignored my spirit that was yelling to get me moving.
So, I just decided to fall asleep.
Tomorrow everything shall be okay again.
Unfortunately, I woke up in my bed, not under it, the following morning
Very tiredly, both physically and emotionally.
What would I discover? I couldn't stop wondering.
Xenophobic aliens' preparatory military division on earth?
Yeti's forbidden reservation area hidden from the public by the government?
Zealously and regretfully imagining, I was all of a sudden alerted by another fussing sound.

The author's comments:

The alphabets start each line; just a fun little nothing-else-to-do Sunday afternoon creativity explosion. 

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