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December 29, 2016
By Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
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I am only human,

Bound in chains of sorrow and grieve.

I have made mistakes,

That can cause me to be tied up to a chain and ball.

I can't bite my tongue,

I cry in anguish as I tug and pull

I can barely see you,

As you reach out your hand to give a chance.

You have the key,

To the invisible chain, that cages me in.

You can keep me free,

As you watch over me for all eternity.

The author's comments:

I wrote this because I was thinking about how our mistakes and loneliness can make us feel like we are bound up inside with unreal chains, but there is always that one person that can always get you out of your personal prison. Enjoy my poem and feel free to write a comment on how I can improve it or just how much you like it :)

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