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March 29, 2017
By Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
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Hey, it’s all okay
The smoke makes you drift away
The heat makes you go numb
Come on, just try it don’t be dumb

They said I wouldn’t get in trouble
They said I wouldn’t even struggle
I believed every single word
Curse my mind, please help me Lord

The smoke blackened my lungs
The heat made me cough tons
I was dumb by taking you cig
Now I’m forced to wear a wig

Cancer greeted me with death
Told me I was gonna have my last breath
Tears fill my sad, scared eyes
As I watch everything I worked for pass by

My Momma told me never to smoke
Now she can't even look at me, I’m just a joke
My Dad always said he believed in me
I guess I never turned into what he hoped I’d be

Now I leave you with a final message
Having good lungs is a blessing
Oh it would have been such a pleasure
If I hadn’t fallen under pressure

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