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At home

May 4, 2017
By xXYourxRainXx BRONZE, Moyock, North Carolina
xXYourxRainXx BRONZE, Moyock, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't be afraid of shadows, it only means there's a light nearby" -Amy lee

Suddenly I I'm a lost girl
shattered on the floor
covered in gore and not much more.

You come dripping in something smelling of whiskey
And maybe a bit of gasoline.

You're tinged and tarnished
Rusted in just the right places
But come as you are

Your tongue is so quick
Sharp like a razor
But oh baby does it cut in all the right places.

Under the table favors
pouring my favorite liquor down my throat
From your silver shot glass.

Smother me
I'm getting weak.
You throw me over your shoulder
I'm weightless
I am infinite

And you are a dagger
I thumb with
Drawing blood
You lick your lips while it beads up.

I know
This can't end well.
Stories like these never do

But I'll drink it down while it lasts
Hell I'll drink to that
I- and you for that matter will drink to anything these days. 

You'll be another summertime
Romance in my catalog of many
But I think you're my favorite one

You play with fire
But I've always been made of ice
You burn me up I cool you down.

Where I know we'll go wrong though
Is that I know

You are made of whiskey and gasoline
And you like a chaser of a cigarette
And ice can't put out
That type of fire.

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