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The room....

May 10, 2017
By invisible_to_all BRONZE, Corning, California
invisible_to_all BRONZE, Corning, California
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In the dark space where I lay
Was no soul around
But me
That I know of
I wished I could see the moving shadow
Till I realized
I was in the room
The room of scared
The room of madness
The room of quietness
The moving shape was going in circles around me
Never would I imagine
The darkness left
Sunshine went throughout the room
The moving shadow
The room of scared to
The room of happiness
The room of madness to
The room of love
The room of quietness to
The room of laughs

The author's comments:

This free verse was to the bestest friend I ever had that past she was suffering till she left to a better place heaven :)<3

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