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loaded gun

September 3, 2017
By bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
bellviven GOLD, Emporia, Kansas
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You don’t know what it’s like but I do the pain is building I’m a loaded gun ready to explode. I fallen off once I’v fallen off twice I’m tired of climbing back up just to fall again you don’t know what it’s like for me how much it takes out of me just to crawl up again. I know you’re just trying to help telling me I can do it telling me to have hope. but I’m tired of trying I’m tired of fighting I’m a loaded gun ready to explode but I don’t want to reload leave me on the ground you don’t know the pain I’m going through just let me give up leave me where I lie don’t let any on reload me don’t let someone cock the trigger I’m tired of exploding leaving destruction in my wake.

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