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September 6, 2017
By DuckLover GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
DuckLover GOLD, Winchester, Kentucky
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Be happy, not because everything you see is good, but because you can see the good in everything.

We spend so much time nowadays
Staring at a screen
It’s convincing us that it’s the same as reality
That it’s like we’re really there
That we can experience something while sitting on our couch
But can we?
Is staring out the window
The same as being in the rain,
Looking up,
Feeling the droplets,
The chill air,
Smelling the sweet scent,
And being refreshed?
Maybe you can use your imagination
But how does one imagine the FEELING you get when you’re really there?
So instead of seeing many amazing occurrences
Without really seeing them at all
We could pick one
And savor the experience


For how can a screen inspire more than this wondrous earth?

The author's comments:

Sometimes when we attempt to live through a video, we rob ourselves of the things that really make all the difference. The satisfaction you get when you finally reach the top of the slope and see the view, the awe you feel as the Aurora Borealis dances before you, or the crisp air in a fall forest. Those are the things we cannot feel through a camera lens.

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