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Where I'm from

December 18, 2017
By QueenofAwkwardness BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
QueenofAwkwardness BRONZE, Belding, Michigan
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I am from talents and in which I feel lost because I possess none of them
I am from many lives of confusion that are all different , but filled  with love. My favorite being the life where I socialized with everyone I meet because of I was I was yet a young duckling yet to learn the disgusting human ways
I am from many kind hearts, animal lovers, and talents I don’t get
I am from Sports fans and Musicians which I am not one bit.
From Jeffrey and Angela and our descendents here and gone
From “You do have a talent just have yet to find it” and “ You did it wrong again”
I am from a family with unique personalities, two rounds of weirdness at least per day, and yet none as socially unaccepted and awkward as me.
From the Grandparents that bought all my clothes and from the grandparents that were silly and caring.
I am from all these things.
That began, where I’m from.
Yet life is completely wonderful and I believe I am gifted with talents above and beyond.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem as a class assignment. I decided to use this structure because I thought I could make a point about how everyone is special. The idea came from things that have happened in my own life.

I hope while people read this, they will think about what they have to be grateful for.

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