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Sly as a Fox

December 18, 2017
By Galaxy_The_Kitty BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Galaxy_The_Kitty BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Alone, I've been isolated in the forest I call home. It’s my whole world.

I’ve learned my way around, I know every part.

Soon, I get curious. I inch to the edges of the safe place I call home.

I hear a strange noise, barking. It draws me to the treeline.

As I near, I see a figure beyond the cracks in the trees.

And there stands another, a version of my own reflection. She looks me over, I shy away.

A laugh erupts from her, smile spreading over her cheeks.

I slink away, scared.
She beckons me, challenging me.

I crawl out of the shadows, into the sunlight. I bathe in its warmth, while the reflection of my fur strikes awe into my rival. A calm beauty, it distracts her.

Quickly! I think, as I rush her. I plan my attacks, landing blow after blow until she lays in defeat on the ground.

And she says to me, “You sly little fox.”
I grin, mocking her from above.

Yet again, I outwitted my opponent despite my shy and introverted shell.

And yet again, I reign victorious in this new world.

The author's comments:

I wrote the poem for a school assignment. I chose to write a symbolic poem about myself, because I want to show others the better qualities about myself. I also learned some things that I did not previously realize before writing this poem. 

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