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It Wasn't For You, But About You

June 7, 2018
By EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
EntitledMonster SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
¨There is no such thing as bad. We have evolved to attach an emotional significance to what is nothing more than the survival strategy of a pack animal. We are conditioned to invest divinity in unity. Good isn't really good, bad isn't really bad, bottoms aren't really pretty. You are a prisoner of your own meat.¨

This is for the ones who were told to ¨get up, you’re not broken¨

When the reality is that you are dying inside

Just waiting for the arms of Death to welcome you with their cold embrace


Cold as the blood coursing through your veins

Cold as the thoughts that caused the actions that you made that caused that little boy to get killed

This is for the boy that I never knew

The one that my heart longed to feel the touch of again

To hear his voice

That toxic laughter that triggers the lethal memories by pulling the trigger

When all we want is to feel loved and safe

The ghost of the little boy comes back

The same one that the people who told you that you were broken killed

Because it never really was you

It was what they did to you that killed him

It was the entitled monster that came out and shook his hand and said,

¨Good day,

Welcome to Hell.¨

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