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Speaking with the devil within.

June 10, 2018
By lovelifeandlivelonger GOLD, Newburgh, New York
lovelifeandlivelonger GOLD, Newburgh, New York
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Love me for me.

The Devil says, "Run from the light and come play with me"

I say, "no I wont give into the darkness"

The Devil says, " You'll join me one day"

I say, "Never"


                                               5 Years later


The Devil says, "Give up on yourself"

I say less confidently, "no...I I'm worth something"

The Devil says, "No you're not, but I can give you worth"

I think, "can he give me worth...stop the pain...stop the tears"

The Devil smiles and disappers once again


                                             3 years later


The Devil says, "Haven't you cried enough?"

I say with tears in my eyes, "Y-Yes..."

The Devil says, "Haven't you tired for to long to please others?"

I say, "yes"

The Devil smiles and takes a seat next to me as the tears I cried fall from my once high held chin. He says "wanna make a deal?"

I slowly turn to the Devil and smile, "yes, the deal is this..." I stand slaping him with all the strength given to me by my pain and struggle. " Hit me with all the pain, non-loving, abandining, and hurtful words you want, but whatever you do don't stop because I am stronger with all this pain then I will ever be without it"

The Devil stands with a bruse on his once clear face and stares at me, he say with a roar "YOU FOOL"

I say in a proud voice, "the only fool I see here is you, I will never regeat my pain and sorrow. I will let it help me grow and prosper. So I must thank you for giving me the power to get rid of you"

The Devil disappers never to return to me.

God says, "you've worked hard child"

I look up and smile, " No thanks to you my lord, you hid from me because of the devil so you will not take credet for his expoltion from me"

God says, "watch your tone"

I say, "No i will make it...myself"

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