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Silver wings

October 8, 2019
By Curtisnorris BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
Curtisnorris BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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We arrive at our opponent's school. Walking through the green gates that read Huron river rats, thinking to myself this place makes me sick. I examine the big brown brick-walled school and its red ring track. I have never seen a red-ringed track before, this could either be my advantage or disadvantage. Reaching for the bright green artificial grass, plucked a couple of strands of the material and dropped it into the wind, I gotta know the direction of the wind to be carried on through the purplish orange sky.

  Making my way to the back of the field for my favorite event-long jump. In my shoe bag, I grab my extra set of wings, wings that will make me fly the distance I need. A set of all black and silver wings, with the sharpest nine Hershey, shaped cleats of them all. Wings with the shiny silver bottoms, so shiny when I lift them up I heard the fish from SpongeBob yell “My eyes” I could easily see my reflection. Left foot on the back of the dirty hole punched whiteboard, My long jump coach says “Ok now go”, Instantly I'm off, but carefully counting my steps, for each step, I make placemats in my head till my distance is measured for the jump. Now my right foot goes on my placemat, once again my coach says “ok jump like we practice”. I'm now off, I'm not even doing long jump no more, I am tom cruise in mission impossible and I gotta make this leap of fate. Counting down all six of my steps making sure each foot hits its placemats as magnetic connects. Finally last step with my left foot halting behind the white line. When all of a sudden my wings carry me up, they are kicking back and forth in the wind, In the background all I can hear in my ear is R.Kelly singing I Beleive I Can Fly. 

Right now I swear I'm in the stratosphere when all of a sudden My wings have no more lift in them. Oh no, I'm falling, falling way too soon. Faster and faster I'm getting closer to earth. Then I crash, I hit the earth like an asteroid with my wings landing first. On all fours, I crawls out the yellow sandpit with weeds and grass growing out the corners and cracks. The official measures the landing marks of the impact. 15 feet. My heart dropped not because I didn't jump far but because of my wings, I had to unbury them from the sand. I took them off my sharp cleats now dull and blunt. The cleats are now looking like marbles or a stipped tire. The black and grey outside is now a smudge. The worse of all my shiny souls are now soulless, no more can I see my reflection. My wings are now just a normal pair of shoes. 

I won't let that stop me. Now it is time for me to run. The great 400m dash, just hearing that makes me weak. It is my time to race with or without my wings. The, now one by one with each word a heart beat. On your mark. Get set, Boom. I'm unconscious, I'm no longer in a race. I am now a gazel and there is a pack of rabid lions behind me and I must survive. I'm no longer in a race im usain bolt in the Olympics. I'm Usain Bolt with the green and yellow, with my legs stretching 6 feet outwards. Knees tucked all the way into his stomach, looking left to right as he passes his opponent.  My feet don't even touch the ground, my wings are not flying but gliding across the track. My muscles tighten. My legs are like a capresesun juice pack and they are being sucked dry. Every last drop on energy drained. MY wings, which are not tied are making my journey much more difficult. Gripped so tight I thought they were the iron maiden. The last 50m My wing just down, from here on out my arms are swimming in the air thrusting back and forth hoping to gain momentum to move my body forward. I finally finished. I'm last, but I'm feeling like a winner,  as I look down at my smoking silver wings, I never should have doubted you.

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