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My obscenity.

September 12, 2009
By ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
ResistMe PLATINUM, New Tazewell, Tennessee
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I was clasped in an everlasting nightmare,that seemed as if I'd already been there a lifetime.
Pacing myself,as I tip-toed the peice of thread that was strung between two poles seventy or so miles above a trampoline.

I wonder if I did,indeed fall..if I would parish,or just..simply,wake up.
Marco and Bean were having theirselves quite a chuckle.
They're the two carnies that run the west side of this town,and the two that took me under their wing upon my arrival.
I'm not sure if they're just merely freinds,or if they're more..
Maybe their brothers,or distant cousins.
I have no idea,but I think it polite not to question them.

How I've got myself into this..and whether or not it's real..
I'm not so sure.I'd rather not test my theory on life and death in this oddessy though.Real or not.
Tanjo stood,waving his arms at me,at the end of the rope with his leg wrapped around the pole.

'Come on then,we 'aven't got all dern day lassy!'

Lassy.I wonder if that's just a word he uses in conspiracy to his accent,or if he just can't quite get my name right yet.

'Yer!Let's move it Lacey!The boy's 'onna pee 'is trousers if you don't get a move on!'

I swallowed a laugh.
I had completely forgotten that I hadn't come here alone.
I glanced down for only a moment to see my younger brother climbing up the seventy foot high ladder,and the innocent,frightened,yet eager look he always has on his flawless child-like face.
Benjimen Edward Dahlia.
A figment of my imagination,but always my company.
He's not,technically from everyone eles's point of veiw,really my brother..
Because I am an only child.
An orphan.Only watched over by my great aunt Tessie,who is preoccupied by her ravishing fortune to even notice I'm still breathing.
She told my doctor I talk to myself.She told my doctor I scream in my sleep.
She told my doctor that I'm the crazy one.
He beleived her,and had me locked away.
I was released.
But everyday I wish I could go back.
Go back to my home.
I lived there for 16 months.
It was awful,yet so..wonderful,all in all.
I had a freind there.
His name was Stewart.But we called him 'Mo.'
That's another tale,for right now,I'm managing my balance,just yearning to leap off of this fowl contraption in mid-air.
I feel the sweat dousing my body.
I feel my body start to shake.
I hear Ben scream my name.
I feel my ski turning so pale,and I my vison goes dark..
I take the leap.
I feel myself coursing through the air.
Where am I?

I scream and fight a current when I feel ice cold water rush over my body,and toss me around like a rag-doll.
One minute,I'm there..
Then..I'm here.

I'm so confused.
Out of the darkness,I see his face..
The ring-leader..
That evil crooked smile..
His laugh..
He spins his finger towards me..
I start rambling out of control.
The waves crash,and I hear thunder roaring overheard.
I pull myself up,I'm sitting on a beach,right in themidst of the waters.
I look around..
And as soon as I'm calm,everything goes..not black.But purple.OF all things,he couldn't have been a little more original than this.
Free-falling in a storm.
I hear his artsy chuckle in the distance,and I hear Ben's faint whail.

WHen will this nightmare end?!

The author's comments:
Certainly not my best.
But,the basic set up..
Her name is Lacey,she's crazy,but she doesn't fully know it yet.
Imaginary freind,her little brother,Ben.
She's roaming a twisted nightmare,and can't find her way out.
I just tossed this one together.
I will continue it,however.
I'm actually enjoying it.:).

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