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"Love Note"

November 30, 2017
By Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
Armadillo333 GOLD, Fort Kent, Maine
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I can’t feel a thing
The hate and the sting
I stare into your eyes filled with black
You took a knife and stabbed me in the back

What happens, happens; right?
The shadows from that night
It was a mistake we all could make
All the rules we decided to break

A secret little affair
As you whisper in my hair
“Don’t worry, it’s alright.”
But your bark deceived me of your bite

If God knows I’m surely damned
But wait, on the other hand
I can’t turn back time
I must pay for my crime

You took my innocence
You took advantage of my willfulness
Made me think this was forever
But you didn’t care whatsoever

You got what you wanted
Now my dreams and memories are haunted
Left me here to pick up the broken pieces
Without an explanation or reason

Now you act like it was all me
But you were the one who didn’t see
Just cause I wasn’t what you expected
I guess being mine wasn’t what you intended

Now I cry and you grin
You don’t even stop to ask how I’ve been
You have no heart, you just wanted sex
Sincerely a “love note” from, Your Ex

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