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The Traitor's Mask

November 14, 2019
By aeks BRONZE, Salmiya, Other
aeks BRONZE, Salmiya, Other
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He stands there helpless,
As his mask falls to the ground
His true face is expressionless.
For what could this being feel?
With a heart made of steel.
This soul who I was once proud to call a friend,
Has made me now shameful to have not foreseen the end.
I now carry his memory,
A heavy burden, a waste of energy.

The author's comments:

My name is AbdulRahman, I am an aspiring author and poet, I believe that to any person, any emotions they come across during their life is merely a feeling, but to a writer, a strong emotion is like writing heaven. It is the point where a writer can truly unlock the chains that hold their mind, and let it free to control the hand and express their feeling in words.

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