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Fly Away

January 29, 2011
By BeautyFromPain21 SILVER, McGraw, New York
BeautyFromPain21 SILVER, McGraw, New York
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the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Rest your head and close your eyes, soon you’ll drift away,
Swimming inside your own thoughts; drowning deeper every day.
You seem to be lost in the middle of your own ocean, and the current is growing stronger,
You’re moving freely above the waves, though you don’t know if you can keep afloat for much longer.
You’ve been beaten so you can’t break, though on the inside you’ve been cracked,
You’ve been struggling to hang on, for you can’t carry the weight shifted upon your back.
You feel as if you’re living for no reason, and you feel like giving up,
You can never reach your own expectations, the smile you wear growing tough.
You’re always looking off into the distance, almost to see your dreams,
You always try to climb that mountain, while trying to mask your deafening screams.
You constantly fight the words inside your head; that always bring you down,
The discouraging thoughts that never stray, persistently making you frown.
You are your worst enemy, and have been for a while,
Deciphering the truth inside yourself, you’re constantly putting yourself on trial.
You want to prove to be the best, so you try and work too hard,
Though forcing yourself to the limit has you pushing yourself too far.
You bare the wounds of a broken child, and the thoughts of a depressed soul.
You want to escape this life you’re stuck living; your own exhaustion is starting to take its toll.
How do you win a war against yourself, how do you fight your own mind?
How do you gain a confident spirit, when broken thoughts are all you can find?
You wear that mask upon your face, with your shattered smile cracking through,
You have to battle your judgments every day; they’re constantly bound to you.
You never asked for a life of fear, though this is all you’ve got,
And all you hope for when you’re older; is to never be forgot.
You’ve been told before that everything is not for certain, but you’ve never been too sure,
Though you’ve learned a long time ago, to never go by what you’ve heard.
You’ve been a fighter all your life, though you’ve never seen the light,
You’ve tried to see the facts before, though you’re blinded by the sun so bright.
Inside this residence that you call home, it feels like a place unknown,
You’re grabbing onto the walls that keep you restrained, you’re left feeling so alone.
You want someone to scream to you, to reach out and save you from yourself,
You’re trapped in a hole so far and so deep, like your own synthetic hell.
You feel like giving up on life, and no one can seem to see,
That your eyes are holding the tears inside; locked away without a key.
How can you build your life on a foundation without any hope?
What is there left to see when everything else goes up in smoke?
And when your tears begin to dry, what is there left inside your eyes?
How are you supposed to know what you’re searching for, when there’s nothing left to hide?
And how do you know everything will be okay, when you know that you will never survive?
How do you continue telling yourself that you’re fine, when you know that it’s just a lie?
You search for these answers as best as you can, though you always fail to find the truth.
You’re a girl with high expectations, caught within the consequences of your youth.
You feel like you’re being held, in a dark room without any light,
And as your battle wounds start to increase, you feel as if you no longer want to fight.
You continue to bleed from the holes inside, the ditches within your heart.
Though you feel like a sinking ship, because you can’t discover where the leaking starts.
And from the pit of your stomach, you feel the anger; rising as you breathe,
And as you begin to fight yourself again, you can start to feel your nerves seize.
You don’t know how to find the inspiration to move on, and you can’t help but try,
To repair your broken wings, and finally find the courage to fly.

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