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Love Sprouting

July 18, 2011
By gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
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Love sprouts from the soil of choice
It is not delicate, but strong
Coming not from man but from God above
And lasting forever long

One chooses to love another
Christ commands us so to do
Toward brother, friend, poor, or strange
Even those who have injured you

It’s not the emotions so often described
It’s a choice made through help divine
For God is love and love is God
Only in Him it you will ever find

It is laying down your life as an offering
Whether it is your last breath or a simple smile
It is serving others with a humble spirit
And following only God all the while

Love doesn’t boast or gossip either
In the truth it does rejoice
It is honest, unselfish, and kind
It is a personal choice

It is more beautiful than diamonds pure
But it is the strongest force in the universe
Not at all a weakness but strength
A blessing, not a curse

Never t’was it better expressed
Than on a cross when He bled
That’s the sort of love we need
Based on works, not what is said

So allow the Lord to mold your heart
So that love may grow anew
So that this beautiful strength from God
Can sprout and grow in you<3

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This article has 2 comments.

gigi01 GOLD said...
on Jul. 23 2011 at 11:20 am
gigi01 GOLD, Seffner, Florida
17 articles 0 photos 64 comments
lol... why thank you and I like your.... um... enthusiasm! But, Psalms are kind of like poems anyway, so I think it's so fun to write about. God always provides the best inspiration:) 

Candy46 said...
on Jul. 23 2011 at 12:50 am
Oh my gosh! Your poetry is sooooo good! Like, holy cow!  I totally love the way your poetry is inspired by Biblical psalms!  So neat!  And, like, I the way it uplifts people's spirits is so inspiring in itself!  Way to go!