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Endeavors of Love

March 31, 2012
By BeautyFromPain21 SILVER, McGraw, New York
BeautyFromPain21 SILVER, McGraw, New York
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the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Knick knacks on the window pane, crosses upon the wall,
Trapped inside a world she loved, was a woman who stood about four feet tall.
Her smile held up the weight of the world, her faith held up herself.
Running through obstacles thrown her way, she was never phased by the cards she was dealt.
Ten kids and counting, she was their pillar of strength,
Too stubborn to give up on the man she adored, who was too stubborn not to drink.
He passed out criticisms to pay the bills, she raised her kids on her own.
He told his kids they were stupid, she said without him, their house wouldn’t be a home.
The kids grew up hating themselves, always questioning, full of doubt.
How this woman of true courage stayed married to a man who always walked out.
Every night she prayed to a God who always failed to see
The life she lived she didn’t deserve, it was a race she could never complete.
Every Sunday was devoted to Him, her church was her second home.
Her God was the only man who would never leave her, broken and alone.
And then her other half passed away, the man she called her husband.
She was too blind to see that everything she loved, was everything he wasn’t.
She immersed herself into the Bible, placing blame on God’s plan.
She knew Adam gave part of himself for Eve, though there was so much she’d never understand.
He was in love with his lust, just as her husband was in love with his beer.
Handing out, “I’m sorry’s” after every fight, claiming there was no more to fear.
But Adam and Eve ate the apple, and she held faith in his drunken lies.
She held onto him for the kids, though no one would cease her cries.
But how do you give up on something you spent your whole life trying to fix?
She couldn’t find the cure for regret, there was no magic trick.
She spent a life learning how to live, though she would never change how it was,
Because she realized through all of the pain and heartache, she never let go of love.

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