December 19, 2018
By KanyeKanyeWest BRONZE, Hoth, Alaska
KanyeKanyeWest BRONZE, Hoth, Alaska
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I'm climbing the mountain of success, your chants pushing me higher

Balancing all my priorities like Philippe Petit walking on a wire

Do I look for compliments, yes, is that a sin?

To me it just feels like it’s the world we live in

Stopped worrying about faults and just count accomplishments

Moving in on the finish so fast might lose my consciousness

Hope they don't forget me, hope I never fade

They never really notice you until you get paid

I'm never good enough for myself, but good enough for them

That's because if I keep going 2nd will be the place their in

Do I want to be the best, yeah, it's true

Would I go crazy if I lose, yeah, but I never do

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