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November 25, 2019
By capnbillyswhizbang GOLD, Austin, Texas
capnbillyswhizbang GOLD, Austin, Texas
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The wise man seeks answers at the bottom of a bottle. It is by the depth and contents of the bottle that you can tell the depth and contents of the man. And I'm not just talking alcohol. Could be all kinds of bottles. Pills, colas, etc. All kinds.

Cords on your knees, Oedipus

Hanging from the trees, Oedipus

Saved by the shepherd

Given to a different shepherd

Far away from home, Oedipus

Thrown out by one king

Raised like son by one king

Once a king yourself, Oedipus

You answered the riddles,

You provided the vittles,

Father of the world, Oedipus

You went to Delphi

And you heard what you heard

You were at Thebes

And you hurt who you hurt

And if you’re told to kill your pappy,

Know you’ve already killed your pappy

And kissed your mammy, too, Oedipus

Fly away from harm

Know that she’s your mom

Avoid older broads, Oedipus

But you married her

And you sired a brood

You realized what they were

Now all you do is brood

You’d plenty ways of knowing,

Now it’s the styx you’re rowing

See you soon in hell, Oedipus!

The author's comments:

Inspired by the play Oedipus Rex. To be sung to the tune of Al Jolson's "Sonny Boy."

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