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Fight For The Earth

October 2, 2009
By darkdestro27 PLATINUM, West Jefferson, Ohio
darkdestro27 PLATINUM, West Jefferson, Ohio
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Many battles have been fought for the earth
but none as great as the one that gaye it birth
this war was fought by angels and demons
now humans are the great ones
the anggels rain from the sky
hoping that they're not the ones to die
demons come from deep below
if they have fear it doesn't show
who will win here today no one knows
the armie's know how the battle goes
one will win one will lose
and it's up to the humans to choose
the battles been one
now god rules all
the fighting is now done
in the end one will fall

the fight for the earth was won today
now the devil and his minions will pay
god has made man alive
she wonders if they will survive

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