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She can't do it like me

October 29, 2009
By Ally_Yang PLATINUM, Smyrna, Tennessee
Ally_Yang PLATINUM, Smyrna, Tennessee
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i miss you my huney, my baby, my boo
im always thinkin about you
day to day
i just want you to stay
here in my heart
cuz you were mine from the start

hold me safe an warm
hold me tight in your arms
i need you by my side
i want you to always be mine
don't you ever leave me
cuz i cant be without you

baby, together
we can write a stiry
filled with so much glory
about me an you
my boo, hold me here
and never let go

baby,listen with yo ears
as im writtin you this song
you stay on my mind
no this aint a lie

cuz as you wife
i'll be by your side
for the rest of your life

baby, look with me
look at the beautiful stars
im fallin for you
like a leaf in fall
an im crawlin on the floor
on my knees
baby can't you see
she can't do it like me

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