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March 11, 2010
By Sealboy12 SILVER, South Bound Brook, New Jersey
Sealboy12 SILVER, South Bound Brook, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"If you're tired your wrong"-From my high school band director

There was a rainy day
Out on a stormy night
The flood came rushing in
The barricades put up a fight
There was not enough power
There was not enough strength
To fight in this darkest hour
And to fight at such great lengths
We’re only human
Living in an imperfect world
We can’t fight something
We don’t know enough about
We’re only human
Yeah, human
We’re only human

There was a young girl
Riding the natural high of life
On her way
To becoming something
She had potential
Or whatever they call that coveted thing
But she didn’t have something
Like power or influence or greed or connections or hatred or a cold heart
So she never got anywhere
We’re only human
Living in a dangerous world
We’re only human
Living in a fixed world
We’re only human
Despite how we try not to be
With our suits and our makeup and expensive surgeries
We’re only human

Don’t get me wrong now
I’m not knocking
Something beautiful
But I
Don’t misunderstand me
I’m just fighting what I see
That’s wrong
With something so beautiful
Cause the system’s in need of repair
And nobody seems to care
And those who even dare
Are attacked and left the worse for wear
And it leaves the other rebels scared
When one of em’s crushed

We’re only human
We’re only human
Yeah, we’re only human
We’re only
We’re only
We’re only

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