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parody: Do Your Pants Hang Low? ^.^

April 26, 2010
By jlinjessica SILVER, C, California
jlinjessica SILVER, C, California
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(sung to the melody of “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”)

Do your pants hang low?
Held up by a studded belt
Do you show your boxers off?
Pink, white, blue, or polka-dots

Do you wear baggy pants?
Like a guy just out of jail
Do your pants hang low?

Do you stagger left and right?
Bend your knees to keep your balance
Do you try to act so Gansta?
Try to act just like the rest

Have your pants fallen down?
To your feet upon the floor

Do your pants hang low?

The author's comments:
One of my better attempts at humor. This parody of "Do Your Ears Hang Low" gradually made its appearance in my mind. Hope at least one person will get a laugh out of it. :)

btw: The reference to "jail" comes from the actual origin of the current "fashion" of pants. In jail, inmates were not allowed to wear belts, for fear they would choke themselves. By the time an inmate was released from jail, in this case a "he", would usually have lost a lot of weight, and come out with pants hanging off his hips. Eventually, this became fashionable, as it looked "tuff".

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on May. 15 2010 at 9:35 am
MissPiglette BRONZE, QC, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't forget to breathe."

Hahaha, wow! This is really a twist of reality. :P