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Wait for you

June 1, 2010
By ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
ericers123 GOLD, Chester, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"People never change, circumstances do."- Me.

I can see the way you walk and talk.
It's perfect just like mine.
So hard to ignore,
So easy to adore so I will wait for you.

I can hear your every prayer and cry.
They're perfect just like mine.
The little things that you can't hide,
Every kiss and every lie
I'll always be by your side and
I will wait for you.

I can feel your gentle way.
In your work and in your play.
Its perfect just like mine.
You make me need an intervention,
But something I should probably mention,
I will wait for you.

I can smell your heartbeat dancing.
Its perfet just like mine.
The smile when you say "hello",
The Teardrop when you have to go,
You know that I'll wait for you.

I can taste your gratitude.
It's perfect just like mine.
You might not really understand,
But right now your in a fantasyland.

I said that I would wait for you,
But your just too slow,
This love I have is over due,
So, I just have to let you go.

The author's comments:
This was from the other side. Girl likes boy who is four years older then her. She writes about how she sees his prospective of the matter, and when all said and done, she's in his shoes, doing the best thing that would actually happend. Now she knows why Boy doesnt like girl back.

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