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the Storm

July 25, 2010
By KylieSmiley SILVER, La Mesa, California
KylieSmiley SILVER, La Mesa, California
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"today is a gift, that's why we call it the present".

I see the pain in your eyes,
Hidden behind the deep blue sea, and the lies.
If you had a choice, I wouldn’t make you stay.
So I’ll look up to the sky, and I’ll pray this will be over soon.
That there with still be, me and you.
Tomorrow will be better than today,
And yesterday will seem so far away.

I would give up everything I have,
Just to hear your laugh,
If I could, I would erase the past,
And you would stay by my side,
Until the storm has passed.

You can hear the thunder,
And there’s the rain.
But I see a rainbow,
In a far away place,
Just breath,
Just trust me,
It’ll all be over soon,
But you got to believe in you.


The world is slowing down,
It is greater, without a doubt,
It’s almost over, and your free,
There’s no people stronger,
Than you and me.


The author's comments:
this is about someone in my life that's going through a rough time

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